Personal Development Plan

I discussed in my last three posts (read here), the important topic of personality. We have seen that our biology and our environment have a tremendous impact on our personality. It is clear that without a conscious intervention from your side, you will be drifting through life at the behest of nature and nurture.

“our level of success will rarely exceed our level of personal development, because success is something we attract by who we become.” – Jim Rohn

In order to get your personality traits and the power of habit play to your advantage, you must create and execute a personal development plan that supports your personal growth objectives.

Here are ten points to watch when creating an effective personal development plan:

  1. Start with a reminder of why you need a personal development plan. Renew your commitment to yourself to become the best version of yourself.
  2. Conduct an honest self-assessment (read Where do you stand?).
  3. Analyse the results and identify your development needs. When reviewing the results of your self-assessment, have in mind the qualities of the most successful person you know. See which skills they have that you are yet to fully acquire. If you do what successful people do consistently, you will get the results that successful people get.
  4. Focus on one thing that is aligned with your long term goal and vision.
  5. Focus on behaviours and habits. Your willpower will invariably weakens from time to time. You must support it with a strong habit.
  6. Upgrade your mindset. Have a clear picture of yourself achieving your goal; play this mental video again and again until it is embedded into your subconscious, and you will do just that.
  7. Write down your detailed action plan and execute it without delay.
  8. Get an accountability partner.
  9. Record and evaluate the outcome. You must be clear about what success look like for every goal you try to achieve. A revised self-assessment, partial or full, must be completed after the plan has been implemented. Compare the results before and after. Celebrate the progress made, and where you failed, be thankful for the lesson learned in the process. Use the output to update your plan for the next cycle, and never give up.
  10. Never give up. Life is difficult. There are forces within you and around you that are dragging you down. Failure and hard work are integral part of success.


Peace, Joy, Love


First published on 16th April 2018



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