Getting Started

Starting blocks

Fourteen months ago I published my first article on LinkedIn. I was pushed by the desire to inspire others and serve more. I am encouraged by the response I get from my readers and people reaching out to me to let me know that they have been touched by what I have written.

At the beginning of this year I committed to myself to publish one article per month; so far so good. I also decided that I will be sending to those who subscribe, a weekly email with my “Tip of the week”. However, up until today, I have found all sorts of “good” reasons to not start the weekly email broadcast: my website is not ready, I don’t have time, I need people’s permission to send the first email, what am I going to talk about every week, people won’t like it,…, and many more excuses.

In reality, I was letting my fears hold me back. Fear of being judged, fear of the effort required, fear of being disappointed and disappoint my readers, etc… But I think my biggest fear is what Marianne Williamson’s quote below summarizes:

Quote Marianne Williamson

Can you relate to this? Have you let your fear of being successful hold you back? What project or action have been delaying up until now? My message to you in this very first issue of my brand new tip of the week series is simple:

Whatever your plan, Start now! Don’t wait to be great!

Call to action

  1. Take your journal now and write down your goal
  2. Set deadlines to complete your project as well as intermediary milestones
  3. Start taking action TODAY!
  4. Hold yourself accountable and get an accountability partner or a coach
  5. Review your progress every day and celebrate each and every wins, small or big

Peace, Joy, Love


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